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Vintage Wedding cake
Vintage Wedding Cake

Can each tier be a different flavour?

With so many flavours to choose from it has become very popular to have each tier as a different flavour in a multi tiered wedding cake. My advice would be to keep the most popular flavours as the larger tiers and the more exotic flavours as the smaller tiers. That way you are sure you have a good selection for all your guests tastes.

How big does my cake need to be?

Your wedding cake designer will advise as to how large your cake needs to be to serve the number of guests at your wedding. If you would like a larger cake than required for servings you can always use dummy tiers which can be covered and decorated with your real cake to give you the look you would like. If you opt to have a smaller wedding cake than you need you can have sheets of cake made that can be cut and served to your guests separately.

Pink wedding cake
Pink Anemone Wedding Cake

How long will my cake last?

If your wedding cake is covered with sugarpaste it will seal the cake and keep it fresh. Your wedding cake can then be delivered the day before your wedding if you would like without you worrying about it’s freshness. If you have ordered extra cake to give to family and friends a sponge cake will last a couple of days after being portioned. Fruit cake of course will last much longer.

Can I cover my cake with fresh cream?

Your wedding cake can covered and sandwiched with fresh cream but it will need to stay refrigerated until you are ready to cut and serve it. This is because fresh cream may go off in hot weather. Buttercream however will last in hot weather and you do not have the risk of it spoiling which is why most people opt for buttercream option instead of fresh cream.  

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