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Planning a wedding is always a daunting task. I remember months agonizing over every little detail of my wedding day from the dress, favours, music and of course the cake! Thankfully my wedding planner found me the perfect wedding cake designer with little effort on my part but for most people it takes weeks to find the perfect designer for your dream wedding cake. With this in mind I’ve put together some practical advice on the most common questions I’m asked as a wedding cake designer.

Give yourself adequate time to find a cake designer.

Wedding cake designers get booked months in advance so give yourself enough time so that you can get the designer of your choice. Your designer should be booked at least 3-6 months before the big day which gives you enough time to finalise the design and other details of your wedding cake.

Have a clear vision of the style of your wedding.

Having a clear idea of what style of wedding you want is half of the work of finding the right cake designer. Research prospective designers work to see if their style fits in with your theme, whether it’s delicate & romantic or wacky & wonderful. Different designers will be better at certain styles than others so be sure to choose designers whose work reflects the style of wedding you envisage for yourself.

Taste the flavours and fillings. 

Always taste the cakes on offer from a potential designer. A cake should not just be beautiful but should also be melt in your mouth delicious. Most wedding cake designers offer a cake tasting service so take them up on it. You can choose a different flavour for each tier and can discuss options such as gluten free cakes if you or your guests have allergies.

Meet your wedding cake designer in person.

This may sound a bit odd but designing a wedding cake is a creative process between you and your designer so you must be completely comfortable with sharing your ideas and anything that gives you inspiration with him/her. At the end of the day your designer has been entrusted with a very big part of your day so you also need to be at ease discussing any questions or concerns that you may have and feel like they are being met.

Have a good estimate of servings required.

Will you be eating the cake as dessert or will you cut the cake and offer guests to help themselves? Are you having cupcakes or mini cakes and will you be splitting these into 2 servings each? Will you be saving the top tier of your cake as your christening cake? This information will be important to the cost and design of your cake/s so consider your options carefully and discuss them thoroughly with your designer.

Delivery & Set up of your cake

Be sure to ask any potential designers if they offer a delivery and set up service for wedding cakes. Most designers do but they may only offer this service to specific geographical areas. Sweetness delivers wedding cakes in London and Greater London providing customers out of this area with the option of collection of their wedding cakes.

What to do after you have found your wedding cake designer

After you’ve found your wedding cake designer and have agreed on your cake design and specifications make sure you get everything confirmed in writing to avoid any potential misunderstandings. Your cake designer should give you a contract containing all the details of the order, check this thoroughly and re confirm anything that may be a mix up at least 1 month before your wedding.

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