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Birdcage Wedding Cake at the Banqueting House Whitehall, London

Birdcage wedding cake
Birdcage wedding cake

This is a Birdcage wedding cake designed for a wedding held at the Banqueting House at Whitehall, London.

The ceiling of the hall was covered in beautiful alfresco paintings and the wedding was themed around a beautiful garden scene to make the most of the stunning venue.

Birdcage wedding cakes
Birdcage Wedding Cake

The cake was designed to fit into the theme. The colours mimicked the colours worn by the bridesmaids and got deeper to the top of the cake to bring the eye to birdcage at the top two tiers. Everything about the cake was delicate, from the lace to the piping and the choice of flowers. 

Sugar roses and petunias adorned the cake with piped ivy trailing down the sides. Edible butterflies and falling rose petals finished the cake off to complete the garden feel of the cake. 

This is one of my favourite designs to date. The cake had pride of place in the hall as the centre piece for the reception.

All the best to the bride and the groom!


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