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In the past most people had traditional fruit cake as their wedding cake flavour of choice. Today however there are endless choices of flavours and fillings to choose from and making a decision can sometimes be very difficult as we are so spoilt for choice.

 Here are my top tips to help you when choosing your wedding cake flavours and fillings.


 Wedding Cake Flavours

When are you serving your wedding cake?

It’s recommended that you have a tasting consultation with your cake designer. I offer six different sample flavours and fillings at my cake consultation sessions which can then be tweaked if need be to suit the couples tastes.

You should have a good idea of your wedding menu before hand as the wedding cake flavours should complement your menu. If you are serving the cake as dessert after a very heavy meal for example it would be preferable to serve a light, refreshing sponge such as lemon or carrot.

If you opt to serve the cake buffet style during the dancing you can opt for heavier, richer flavours such as chocolate or fruit cake. This works well as people can help themselves to bite sized portions during the entertainment and sweeter, richer desserts are preferable at this time of the night.

Of course, you can have the cake individually boxed and given away as favours. In this case you can choose any flavours you like but be sure to advise your guests when it is best eaten as a slice of sponge will not stay fresh for as long as a slice of fruit cake.

Your wedding venue

The wedding venue can have an impact on your choice of wedding cake flavours. A light, lemon sponge is best suited to an outdoor wedding on a hot summers’ day. If you are have a traditional church wedding you may opt for a traditional flavour such as fruit cake.


 Wedding Cake Fillings

 Your wedding cake fillings will depend on the cake flavours you have chosen. The fillings should complement and enhance the flavour of your cake. The fillings can also be used to adapt the flavours to suit your tastes.

 Carrot cake for example can be made sweeter with vanilla buttercream or zesty with a lemon buttercream. A chocolate sponge can be made richer and more decadent with a chocolate ganache or lighter with a chocolate buttercream.

Curds and preserves can also be used to enhance the flavours of your sponge. Lemon curd will enhance the tangy flavours of a lemon sponge while raspberry jam will be reminiscent of home baking when paired with a vanilla sponge.

 Avoid fresh cream fillings for summer weddings as these may go off in the heat. Instead, opt for fresh flavoured buttercream fillings which will endure.


With the endless options available today most couples choose a different flavour for each tier of their wedding cake which provides much more choice for their guests.  If you are choosing exotic flavours that may not suit everyone tastes use them for the smaller tiers and have the more popular flavours as your larger tiers.

 At the end of the day choose flavours that you love as it is your wedding cake and you should enjoy it on your big day!

Please visit our wedding cake fillings and flavours page to view our menu. Sweetness Cake Boutique provides wedding cakes in London and Greater London. Please enquire if you would like to book a cake consultation.

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